Maintenance of a watch

Maintenance of watches includes various aspects, such as the clockwork and clock case in which it resides. Watches often have a lot to suffer from, because they are subject to various influences. The watch on the wrist heats under the influence of our body, in the sun this temperature may rise even further. When we take the watch of our wrist it cools down to room temperature. This temparature change affects the lubricant causing wear and tear.

Most watches are waterproof to 3 atm or 30 meters: this is not enough for swimming, cleaning the car or doing the dishes. Due to movement in the water, the water pressure rises which can cause moisture to enter the clockwork. Moisture affects the lubrication of the watch and causes oxidation of the metal parts. In most watches are artificial ruby bearings, where the axes of the wheels rotate. These artificial rubies are extremely tough and virtually do not wear, but do cause wear and tear to the axes that are running within. If wear and tear occurs, then it will be with the axle of the wheel, making the clockwork lose its accuracy. This can only be solved by replacing the machinery.


When one wears the watch, sweat will come into contact with the clock case. Sweat contains different acids that affect the seals in the rear cover and can damage the crown, allowing moisture and dirt to enter the watch.

For mechanical watches (from splashing, 3 atm) waterproof, it is recommendable to service them once every four years. Only watches marked 5 atm or 50 meters are allowed to be used in water. With frequent use 10 atm or 100 meters is recommended. With waterproof watches, it is recommended to bring them in for service 2 times a year to check on their effective density. One can regularly check whether the glass is not damaged and that the crown is still functioning correctly. If the crown looks dented, can not keep stroke while running or lost its color, it indicates the sealing function has been lost. Replacement is necessary to ensure a waterproof watch.