Water resistance / ATM of watches

Below is an overview of the water resistance of our products.

We use the following notations.

ATM. = atmosphere

- 3ATM./30 meters/100 feet (water resistant / water sealed) Resistant to rain and water splashes.

- 5ATM./50 meters/160 feet (waterproof) Suitable for showering or swimming, if there are no large temperature differences. Unsuitable for diving and snorkeling with compressed air.

- 10ATM./100 meters/300 feet (waterproof) Suitable for most kinds of water sports, as sailing, snorkeling and swimming in shallow water. Unsuitable for snorkeling with compressed air.

- 20ATM./200 meter/660 feet (waterproof 20atm. / divingproof) Suitable for all types of water sports and diving.