How to shorten a watch band

Shortening a watchband is quite easy with the right tools.

Steel watch band

Shortening steel watch bands without watchmaker tools is a bit harder because each link has a small pin that must be expressed (usually shown by arrows on the inside of the watch band itself). If you want to shorten a metal watch band it's best to have a  Metal band reducer at your disposal.

Link watch band with pressure system

To adjust this bracelet you have to use a push pin, which is is included in our watchmakers toolbox, E-1012.

Link watch band with sliding system

At this watch strap you can push the buckle upwards with a small screwdriver.

Flexible watch bands

(leather, rubber or similar materials)

For flexible bands, you can add an extra hole, made with an awl ( which should be hot for rubber bands) or perforator,.



For more tools for watches feel free to look in our catalog

You can also send the watch to us to let us shorten it, and we will make it the desired length.