Watch parts offers a wide range of watches, watchstraps, watchband closures, batteries and tools for watchrepairs. This page offers watch parts which can be usefull for your watch, like watchstrap mounting screws and watchwinders.

Ordering watch parts can be done easily online from Depending on where your order has to go to, World of Watch straps can deliver from our store in the Netherlands. Prices shown include taxes. Shipping and delivery of watch pins usually takes up to 3-5 business days to the United Kingdom and Western Europe and 4-10 business days when shipping watchparts to the United States. Other countries in the world: normally: 4-12 business days. Delivery costs are £2.14 (exchange rates change every day). Invoice ordering is available for companies, when you order larger quantities.

Question about a product or about the delivery? Just contact us and we will help you!