Your watch needs to be repaired? Need repair of your watch glass?

Is your watch broken? Watch glass broken? By you are at the right place for all repairs, we have over 22 years of experience in our own repair shop.

In addition you can think of.

  • Replacement of broken glass and broken watch glasses
  • Replacement of clock works
  • Inserting new batteries
  • New crown fitting
  • Shorten Watch bands
  • Replacing pushpins
  • Cleaning and lubricating the clock works
  • Cleaning, lubricating and demagnetizing of automatic watches
  • Cleaning of hanging clocks and grandfather clocks
  • Complete service

Would you like more on our prices for repairs? Look on the left side in the menu with service, maintenance and repair or send an email to:

Mail regarding repairs should be addressed to:

H-B - Dhr. A. Slegers
Molenstraat 11
5421 KD Gemert
The Netherlands

Complete service

With a complete service, all components are checked for their function and will be, if necessary, replaced. After pinning out the clock, it will be cleaned in a special cleaning machine. When assembling the clockwork will be provided with appropriate lubricants.

The clock case will be cleaned and, if requested and appropriate, polished. The clock case components (glass, crown and poussoirs) are checked and replaced if necessary, in order to ensure water tightness. The clock is mounted in the cabinet and tested for accuracy and running time.

After the repair is completed, I recommend to service a mechanical clockwork every 5 to 7 years, as this is necessary for the proper functioning of the clockwork.