Cabinet press / Glass press PVK-RT11

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Metal Watch Press. Ideal for closing snap back watch cases, installing bezel rings and friction inserting mineral crystals. Sturdy metal press makes battery changing easy for anyone by eliminating the difficulty of closing cases. Included are various types of molds that consist of various sizes. Easy to watch behind closed molding lids or for mounting / pressing of watch glasses both convex and flat glass. You can also lock to 2 places such as a workbench. Complete with 12 kinds of plastic molds that you can click these consist of the following sizes. 1 x small 21 x 22mm. which one side a cavity of 21mm / 1 side a cavity of 22mm. 1x small 27 x 28mm with 1 side a cavity of 27mm / 1 side a cavity of 28mm. 1x small and 1 flat side of 24mm / 1 flat side of 25mm. 1x small and 1 flat side of 26mm / 1 flat side of 27mm. 1x small and 1 flat side of 28mm / 1 flat side of 29mm. 1x small and 1 flat side of 30mm / 1 flat side of 31mm. 1x small and 1 flat side of 32mm / 1 flat side of 33mm. 1x small and 1 flat side of 36mm / 1 flat side of 37mm. 1x 31 x 32mm which means one side a cavity of 31mm / 1 side a cavity of 32mm. 1x 33 x 34mm which means one side a cavity of 33mm / 1 side a cavity of 34mm. 1x 35 x 36mm which means one side a cavity of 35mm / 1 side a cavity of 36mm. 1x large 39 x 40mm with 1 side a cavity of 39mm / 1 side a cavity of 40mm. Any questions about this product? Do not hesitate to contact us.
Brand / Manufacturer Universal
Warranty term N.v.t.
Watch part N.v.t.
Clockwork caliber N.v.t.
Material N.v.t.
Color N.v.t.
Length (mm) N.v.t.
Width (mm) N.v.t.
Thickness (mm) N.v.t.
Diameter (mm) N.v.t.
Voltage N.v.t.
EAN Code 8719217049956

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Cabinet press / Glass press PVK-RT11

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Recent 4 general reviews of our webshop

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Review by Steve

  Terriffic service and product

Terrific service and product

Difficult to find watch strap was delivered within days and fit like a charm. Many thanks.

 Posted on 3/6/2017

Review by Orsolya Toth

  Fossil watch strap

Fossil watch strap

Really fast delivery. Genuine strap, I love it. Absolutely recommend them!

 Posted on 3/5/2017

Review by Julie Robinson

  Item not in stock

Item not in stock

Offered an item that is not in stock. It would have been nice to know before I placed my order. Not Satisfied...

 Posted on 3/2/2017

Review by Mr P Hough

  A+++ Service

A+++ Service

Great communication, good product. Would definitely recommend.

 Posted on 2/28/2017

Recent 4 general reviews of our webshop

  See all our general reviews

Review by REN LAB

  Excellent Quality fast service

Excellent Quality Fast Service

Watchstraps-batteries certainly processed my order in a fast and very well documented way. I received emails regarding the item and with photos, along with the shipping details. And soon enough the item was delivered in good condition. I will be ordering here from now on, and will most definitely recommend it.

 Posted on 1/7/2017

Review by Hayley Painter

  Fab service and quality.

Fab service and quality.

Great service.

 Posted on 12/17/2016

Review by Roger Delvigne

  Reliable shop

reliable shop

Perfect transaction! What more can I say? Quick delivery: to be recommended!

 Posted on 11/22/2016

Review by Dk

  Very helpful and trustworthy experience.

Great! Very trustworthy and helpful.

 Posted on 8/18/2016

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